Alfie Bown: The PlayStation Dreamworld

Whether you play video games or you don’t, they are part of a cultural transformation of the way we think, the way we desire, the way we empathize, the way we work, the way we play.
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Alfie Bown discusses his book The Playstation Dreamworld with Chris Richardson. Bown is an assistant professor of literature and author of three books on psychoanalysis with Zero, Polity, and Bloomsbury. He also writes for The Guardian, The Paris Review, and other places.


"A great theory of reality as videogame-like, useful for all game theorists."


"The best high theory of contemporary technology available."


"Theory of the original arcades and the first 'dreamworld.'"


*This work is also a favorite of Nicholas Greco


"Vital for understanding new media and alienation."


"To understand the rise of the right-wing and the politics of gaming and trolling subcultures."