Brian Z. Tamanaha: A Realistic Theory of Law

This is not just a trend but one with significant implications for how law is carried out, how law is constructed. And it’s going to continue with increases of computing power and the gathering of big data.
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A Realistic Theory of Law
By Brian Z. Tamanaha

Brian Z. Tamanaha discusses his book A Realistic Theory of Law with Chris Richardson. Tamanaha is the John S. Lehmann University Professor at Washington University. He has published nine monographs and dozens of articles and chapters on legal theory and law and society, he has delivered eight named lectures in the United States and abroad, and his work has been translated into ten languages. On a personal note, Tamanaha grew up in Hawaii and is a life-long surfer.


“A comprehensive overview of the latest scientific research on biological influences on behavior.”


“An exploration of the implications of physics for life and meaning.”


“Fifty thousand years of human history drawn from multiple disciplines.” 


“A fascinating account of laws of scalabilty that apply across phenomena.”


“The best introduction to pragmatism.”