Hans Skott-Myhre: Youth and Subculture as Creative Force

The definitions of youth over the last fifteen or twenty years are now frantically proliferating in order to try to keep up with the contradictions and antagonisms of what’s actually happening with young people, which is almost inarticulable now.
Hans Skott-Myhre

Hans Skott-Myhre discusses his book Youth and Subculture as Creative Force: Creating New Spaces for Radical Youth Work with Chris Richardson. Skott-Myhre is a Professor in the Social Work and Human Services Department at Kennesaw State University. His undergraduate work was in comparative literature and he holds a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, both from the University of Washington. His doctoral work includes two Ph.D.’s from the University of Minnesota. The first is in Adult Education and a second from the Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature Department in Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society. Research interests include radical and political approaches to youth/adult relations, subcultures, critical disability studies and anti-psychiatry, post-capitalist subjectivity, post-Marxist politics, undoing whiteness, and political readings of popular culture.


This is a great introduction to the ideas of Marx including many his key concepts about how capitalist society functions as well as proposals about an alternative communist form of society. I like it because it specifically debunks a lot of misunderstandings about his ideas and proposals.

"The Fragment on Machines" within the longer collection of Marx’s early writings is an incredibly prophetic view of how virtual postmodern capital would assume a global form. A must read if one wishes to understand the logic of postmodern global capitalism.



Antonio Negri's essay "Twenty Theses on Marx" is a quite dense but very important updating of Marx’s ideas bringing them into the 21st century. Probably one of the best revisions of key Marxist ideas about class, the economy, and ideology. Very pertinent to understanding how the current system of domination now functions.

"Postscript on the Society of Control" is another brilliant shorter and possibly more accessible writing about how capitalism is shifting and changing in the way it controls and manages society. Key to understanding how young people are being shaped by the capitalism in the 21st century.


This transdisciplinary edited collection offers a series of provocations and proposals about working with and thinking about radical forms of youth/adult relations under 21st century capitalism.